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Brith Control Pill and Weight Gain: A look at “Functional Hypothyroidsim” December 2, 2008

Posted by Dr. Brady Hurst in Birth Control Pill, Hypothyroidism, Woman Issues.
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More Notes, More Info!

  • The birth control pill (BCP) contains small amounts of estrogen (female dominant hormones).
  • Estrogen can increase thyroid binding globulin (taxi service for thyroid hormones). The more thyroid hormones are bound to these taxis the slower the person’s metabolism= weight gain. If you do not have insurance you can order affordable thyroid blood test yourself along with thyroid binding globulin test.
  • This can cause “Functional Hypothyroidism” meaning that your laboratory test may look OK but you will not.
  • Excess estrogen from the BCP can build up in body tissue and “leak out” over time creating a hypothyroidism state even after quitting the BCP.
  • Excess estrogens can be detoxified by increasing phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification. However, blood sugar issues (functional or pathological (i.e. diabetes)) must be stabilized first. Many young women today are functional hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) which can alter thyroid function.
  • Those who refuse to quit the BCP, phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification must be supported
  • Those who are on the BCP for other feminine problems and want to minimize long term side effects, the cause of those underlying problems (acne, irregular periods, etc.) must be identified first. From there a comprehensive plan can be developed to restore normal function. That means a healthier you and not someone who becomes dependent on medication.

We encourage you to take action in your health goals whether it is addressing a chronic health problem or creating a wellness plan to prevent disease in the future. Become part of our team. True health is not easily achieved alone.

Our goal is to identify and address the “spider web” of biological dysfunctions that play a role in chronic diseases.   We do this through our clinic  in Atlanta, Georgia and around the world through our TeleHealth phone/video consultation service.

Dr. Brady Hurst
Clinic Director at True Health Labs



1. Wanda J Baugher - March 14, 2009

ok , I had a total hysterectomy at age 28. I never took estrogen and I never really took BCP. I am now 46 and since the age of 39 i have been very tired. I was finally diagnosed with Hypothyroid disease after years of complaining about energy and aches and pains. so, i know my thyroid disease is not due to BCP or Estrogen. How can you help me? I feel bad all the time. and I now go for blood tests every 60 days with either the lowering of thyroid meds or increasing of the meds. I truly feel trapped in a life that seems lifeless. Can you Truly Help?

Dr. Brady Hurst - March 16, 2009

There are many other subtle dysfunctions that impact the thyroid’s function. It is of the utmost importance to identify those dysfunctions. Once we have that we can build a plan to help correct them.

I have had success in the past with cases like this so I will consider your case. Visit my website to download the “Comprehensive Intake Forms”. Complete and return (e-mail or e-fax). I will review them and get back to you.

Dr. Brady Hurst

2. Allison Schwartz, D.C. - September 29, 2009

I saw an herbalist for my low thyroid and she said that lots of floride (like in our water, etc.) can lower the iodine in our bodies and can be another cause of low thyroid. My key indicator was the terrible triad (cold all the time, dry skin, and hair loss). I did take BCP for 3 years before using a PCOS herbal protocol and balancing my cycles. now just dealing with the thyroid and weight. go figure. Thanks for the great wisdom Dr.

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