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About Dr. Brady Hurst

Dr. Brady Hurst is a Functional Medicine practitioner and Chiropractor in Atlanta Georgia. He uses the most advanced laboratory tools to uncover hidden dysfunctions and uses cutting edge drugless treatment plans to restore those dysfunction. This approach is critical to prevent as well as manage a variety of chronic health conditions. Learn more about Dr. Brady Hurst.

Those who are not getting the type of personal care they deserve and are not located near Atlanta Georgia now have a opportunity to get better. Dr. Brady’s TeleHealth phone consultation service is a long distant care system where patients have a personalized visit with Dr. Brady via the phone or online video conference. This program is avaliable in the US, Canada, and tentatively internationally. A good doctor is never too far away.

Dr. Brady Hurst
Clinical Director for True Health Center for Functional Medicine and TrueHealthLabs.com
You can also find him @ +Dr Brady Hurst

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1. Barbara Tartaglia - August 12, 2008

Hi there, I came across your site though searcing for MMS info and was quite fascinating by the way you explain all those medical conditions.

Am just about to order MMS and try to cure my Hashimoto, god knows I’v been through a lot!
Am a musical theater performer and had to struggle all my life to keep my weight in control.

All this stuff you say about heavy metals, glutin and sugar make all sense, the problem is keeping away from this stuff! It’d be easier to kill those viruses and bacterias. With this I dont mean to eat like a pig and then take MMS, (am 6 kilos overweight) I wanna try to avoid as much as possible those elements (glutin and suger at least cuz i donno about the metals) and take MMS.

What i dont seem to find is: for how long do i have to take it? I dont think I can talk to my doctor about MMS, he wouldnt even know what it is and even if, he would tell me its wrong!
I live in Germany (but am Italian) and although there is a lot of alternative options here, it is still hard to find a GOOD alternative doctor. I tried a lot and wasted a lot of money in the past and didnt find one I could trust. Alternative medicine is for a lot of practitionists, a very easy way to make money with no referr to the person.

My 1st Homepatic doctor (dr Marcello Carosi in Rome) since when I was 10, passed away years ago and he was the first and last doc with a heart and knowledge I have ever met.

Ever since, it has been a search process and the easiest option after I moved to Germany was: get the diagnose from my home doctor and have a cure sent from Italy….

I kept my hashimoto in control but it is still there. Do you think it could be cured with MMS?

Thank you
and regards

Barbara Tartaglia

2. Brenda Martinez - August 12, 2008

I am interested in finding a doctor with a mindset in holistic treatments. I found your website and am interested in possibly setting up an appt for my husband and myselt. We want to find out if you accept our insurances. His being Humana and mine being PHCS. We can be contacted @ 706-332-4452 or 706-587-0432

3. Barbarella - August 22, 2008

Great blog I really enjoyed all the info you have to share. My dog has Ehlickriosis lymes disease. I’d love some advice on dosage amount for a 60 pound dog. using the chlorine dioxide. i usually find alot of great info on naturalmedicine.com although they have nothing on lymes you should check it out tons of space to post articals or simply share your blog info on natmed.tv.
P.S. beautiful eyes!

4. Jennifer - September 5, 2008

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease a few months ago and am now taking a low dose of Synthroid each day. I’m only 23 years old and I feel that I have been dealing with these symptoms for years now. I don’t want to just take a pill every day and hope everything will be ok. I want to solve the problem at the source, not just make the symptoms go away. I feel that diet has everything to do with how we feel each day. I eat relatively healthy for a person in their twenties…really healthy when compared to what my friends eat. The difference is that they can seemingly eat whatever they want and still feel good, whereas when I eat one thing that I know my body doesn’t agree with, I can almost immediately notice. I’ve done some research on hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s and I’m left with more questions than answers. Like, does everyone have completely different symptoms? And how can the same source problem lead to such varying symptoms? Is it because the source problems are all different too? And what got this ball rolling in the first place? Is it the times I had a terribly high fever or was really sick when I was younger? Is it the chemicals that I work around because I’m a cosmetologist? Is it something that I eat on a regular basis, not knowing that over time it has actually been toxic for my body? And does my blood type have anything to do with what I should eat? If so, when the list of things I should eat for my blood type and the list of things I should eat for my hypothyroidism contradict, which would be better for me to follow?

I feel foggy headed and it’s difficult for me to understand the simplest things sometimes. This has been a huge source of frustration for me. I have always been a deep thinker and have considered myself relatively smart. I have said that going to cosmetology school made me stupid because of the people and lifestyles I had to be around on a daily basis…but now that I think of it, could being around all of those chemicals wreaked havoc on my thyroid? Could that feeling have come at a time when all these new chemicals were introduced to my system on a daily basis, breaking it down, thereby actually making me foggy, easily confused, and ‘stupid’?

And what about friends who say that a gluten free diet has made them feel better and more clear-headed? Would this have anything to do with a thyroid problem?

I’d like some answers. I understand if you don’t have them all, but a few would be nice. It’s so frustrating knowing that I should feel youthful, energetic, and motivated but instead it’s hard for me to wake up in the morning and I like to sleep more that I like being awake.

I like to think outside the box, or even throw away the box for that matter.

Thank you for your time.

5. Alan (Teeka's Dad) - May 1, 2009

Thank you Dr Brady. This was helpful. I would like more information on the silver solution and chlorine substance. I’d like to know if they have Brand or Generic names and the following:
1. When are they used?
2. Where can they be obtained?
3. What dosage is used?
4. What are the side effects?
5. How do you know if or when you need to take them?
6. Would one be better then the other?
7. Would it be better to take both at the same time or never do that?
8. Can they be used for other Flus and is it practical (safe) to do so?

Dr. Brady Hurst - May 3, 2009

1. When are they used? In times of infections or when one wants to lower their overall viral/bacterial load in their bodies.
2. Where can they be obtained? I carry Cl02 and Colloidal Silver in my office.
3. What dosage is used? Depending on the case, 1-15 drops 1-3x/day.
4. What are the side effects? Some report nausea most like due the the Herxheimer Reaction in which there is more bacterial/viral die off than the immune system can clean up so the body responds by attempting to induce emesis (vomiting). This can be kept under control by decreasing the dosage. Also, I recommend those wanting to take Cl02 to be tested for oxidative stress before consuming. Cl02 is a power oxidant and if one is already highly oxidized then, in theory, Cl02 may cause issues. A simple way to do this is by the malondialdehyde (MDA) test. I have these test in the office and can also ship them to patients.
5. How do you know if or when you need to take them? When lab work indicates multiple infections or if the stool and/or blood ph is more on the acidic side. They will help support the immune system in fighting the infections and in some instances tumors.
6. Would one be better then the other? They are really in two separate categories even though they have similar applications. I like to use Colloidal Silver before using Cl02.
7. Would it be better to take both at the same time or never do that? I wouldn’t. Cl02 could potentially alter the silver because of charge differences. Many folks who use these agents on their own with no professional guidance may have issues down the road. Again, I start with Colloidal Silver.
8. Can they be used for other Flus and is it practical (safe) to do so? Yes. With Silver, because of the mechanism in which it kills pathogens, has been used effectively for thousands of years.

Hope this helps!

To Your Health,

Dr. Brady

6. 124 Ways Processed Sugar Destroys Your Health « Dr. Brady's Functional Medicine Videos - November 1, 2009

[…] About Dr. B […]

7. Lynne Richards - December 6, 2009

Dr. Brady,

What is your view of hydrogen peroxide therapy using 35% food grade H2O2?


8. Elizabeth Gallagher - March 20, 2010


I have had severe systemic candida for 4 yrs and was recently diagnosed with low vit D (21 mls – normal 30 – 50 )

I am so ill and so down having spent money and time with various nutritionist but I cant get well.

I have had Malignant melanoma stage 2 6 yrs ago too.

I now believe my Vit D deficiancy is the cause of my Candida and the reason why I cannot get rid of it..

Can I use your service from the UK?

Thank you.

Dr. Brady Hurst - March 24, 2010

With a case as complex as your, I would not be able to do phone/video consults with you. Try my colleague Laurent Bannock.

9. anewlovejoy - September 28, 2011

Dr. Brady Hurst has helped me immensely. For the first time in my adult life I take no pharmaceutical drugs – which I was taking 6 at one time. He has relieved me of health complications using aggressive nutrition and it is working. I haven’t felt better in many years. My life is better – much better. I trust Dr. B whole hardheartedly. He is the first doctor that has really cared.

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