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Exciting New Updates!

New! Take a look at our new TeleHealth System– Affordable nationwide care without the travel!

New! Ask Dr. Brady your tough health questions LIVE! The Doctor’s In LIVE TM systems allow you to join a LIVE video Q&A session with Dr. Brady. Times will be announced to Dr. Brady’s FaceBook and Twitter fans, so make sure you follow.

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™, a new break through service offered by True Health is designed to replace in-office Functional Medicine visits with online video or phone consultations. This saves patients from expensive traveling costs. It also lowers the cost of care!

No matter if you are a local patient or live in across the country, the new TeleHealth™ Online Service is a way for patients from across the USA (except NY) to get the quality care and attention they diverse.

Breaking News: The government to get involved with TeleHealth

Who is TeleHealth™ for?


Easy Instructions

  1. Download the proper intake forms. Complete and return (email or e-fax). Include recent and reliant laboratory reports and a recent picture of yourself.
  2. Within 24 hours, a scheduling email will be sent to your inbox. You can choose the time and date that works best for you!
  3. You will be given access to a part of our website that will allow you to have a private video conversation with Dr. Brady.
  4. Dr. Brady will call you around your appointment time. *If you have internet connection, it would be beneficial to obtain a webcam and download Skype for video conversations.

Dr. Brady Hurst
True Health Center for Functional Medicine


1. Tom - September 2, 2008

Hi Dr Brady

Hi my name is Tom and i have been suffering from seborrheic dermatitis for 6 yrs and it has ruined my life is there anyway u guys can cure my condition.

thanks and have a good day!!!

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9. Norma Burton - May 2, 2009

Sounds interesting as there are no M.Dl.’s who practice functional medicine in my. area.

My question is what is the cost and would these consultations be covered by Medicare?


10. Stacey Jones - October 12, 2009

Hi Dr Brady,

Wow you really seem to know your stuff. I’ve had Hashimotos thyroiditis for 15 years since the birth of my daughter. I listened to what you had to say on your site and you really addressed concerns that have been on my mind for years now. I always felt there was more that could be done. I have no thyroid function whatsoever according to my last ultrasound. My thyroid is atrophied, so I dont know if I can be helped. Im also in Australia and am not sure if you can help me from over here. Thanks very much for your time 🙂

Dr. Brady Hurst - October 13, 2009

Pregnancy can definitely promote autoimmune states like Hashimoto’s (amounts others). If you thyroid is atrophied, then the horse has been let out of the barn. That is the purpose of medication. However, did you have a thyroid problem to begin with? Most likely not! You had an immune system problem. An unstable immune system during pregnancy can cause immune problems (your body needs to make sure it doesn’t attack the fetus) (the father’s DNA is considered “foreign”) like autoimmunity. Can nutrition help balance the immune system? Yes it can, but only if the right information is known. That’s where functional testing comes in. Most women get “diseased” testing DURING pregnancy but never “functional” testing before pregnancy. It’s easy and cheep. It would save A LOT of lives if implicated and A LOT of lives could be saved if utilized afterward.

I don’t know if I can help you. I am always willing to look at anyone case to see if it’s possible. Caring for someone internationally is of no issue. I can order tests from where you live. It will take a greater amount of time however. Where in Australia do do you live? You can send me a private email at: DrB@TrueHealthDC.com

To Your Health,

Dr. Brady

11. Stephanie A. LaVasseur - March 2, 2010


I am 26 yrs old have have had PCOS for the last year and insulin resistance. I have lost 3inches off my my body i have also lost about 25lbs.. I have had 2 miscrages. I made a IUI pass and ended up in the hospital. The said i had a infection. Should i be concerned thats i may get sick again from a IUI? I really want to make another pass or would i be better off getting a video consult from u?

Dr. Brady Hurst - March 4, 2010

A comprehensive metabolic workup would be of great benefit for you.

There are major associations PCOS and other dysfunctions that can promote infertility.

Did “they” test you for any autoimmune issues? Many times “infections” can actually be an attack to your own ovaries or in your case eggs. You can respond to- DrB@TrueHealthDC.com if you don’t feel comfortable responding publicly.

12. Rosie Miranda - March 20, 2011

Hi, my son has always been an organic problem,from the day he was born, he is now 26 and has hit the wall.Depression runs in my family, now I know it is more bi-polar.He is also add,or at least that is the outcome.It would take me 10 years to tell you about his history.I have been doing research looking for clues, all kinds of clues.I have lots of clues but I cant put it together and I dont want to go from doctor to doctor to doctor, not for my sake but more for his. He has totally given up and I really need to get it right this time.I dont know if this is the type of work that you do.If it isnt maybe you can refer me.

Dr. Brady Hurst - March 25, 2011

I am truly sorry to hear about your son. I can sense your concern. I have seen many people in the same situation as your son. I do offer phone consultations, however, he needs to see someone face-to-face. Functional Medicine University is a great resource to find top of the line doctors that can make effective impacts without the use of drugs. I hope you can find someone for your son.

Dr. Brady

13. Laurie - April 24, 2011

Dear Dr. Brady,

I am interested in taking MMS. I have some autoimmune markers as well as a lot of food allergies. I have worked with Functional Medicine and Integrative Professionals as well as my current doctor but she was not familiar with MMS and per your video blog- it says to take it under a doctor’s supervision. Can you tell me how someone would start off taking it and is there a particular company brand that you recommend? I see it can also be used as a mouthwash etc.. I deal with dry mouth and have been experiencing an increase of cavities around the gum line and wanted to know if this would help to correct that. Thank you. Laurie

Dr. Brady Hurst - April 26, 2011

I typically do not use chlorine dioxide with autoimmune patients because it does in fact shift the immune system. We work with making sure their Th1/Th2 test and CD4/CD8 ratio look good before using compounds that actively push the immune system like ClO2.

Hope that helps Laurie.

Dr. Brady

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