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Select from our list of over 400 online lab tests. If you do not find the test(s) you are looking for, you can build you own lab test panel.

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You will receive an e-mail from us at the address provided when you created your account, with your lab results attached. This is usually within two to three days (more complex tests may take up to 14 days). Take your results to your healthcare provider or one of our recommended doctors.

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1. Sheryl - October 22, 2010

My dad and sister have been diagnised with Hashimoto’s. I had an a episode of thyroiditis after exposure to epstein barr but have a normal thyroid level now. I am about a hundred ponds overweight and suffer extreme fatique and muscle pain, edema, high blood pressure and borderline blood sugar I have had eyeliid surgery due to swelling being so bad that I could not open my eyes. I have horseshoe kideys and have 3 stones now. I had surgery to removed stones from sacs outside the kidney in Oct. last year. I have no insurance and would like to know what tests are appropriate to see if I can benefit from treatment.

Dr. Brady Hurst - October 25, 2010

Hi Sheryl,

I am deeply sorry to hear of your health struggles.

Based on what you told me, there are some screening tests you should run. Write these down:

      Health Check Plus with Vitamin D- General screens to help identify health priorities.
      TPO and TGA Autoantibodies- Screen for Hashimoto’s. Family history and EBV can play major roles in the development of Hashimoto’s.
      ANA- Autoimmune screen.
      Parathyroid Hormone- Screen for you calcium handling system.

These tests are a good place to start. We have crated a website for those who are uninsured and need lab tests: TrueHeatlhLabs.com
Copy the above tests and search for them on the site. We can also help you better understand the results and try to connect you with a doctor that can get you back on track.

To Your Health,

Dr. Brady

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