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What Recommended Dietary Allowance Really Means March 5, 2012

Posted by Dr. Brady Hurst in Food, Health Articles, Healthcare.
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Optimal nutrition is key to slowing biological aging and preventing disease. This is exactly why you may want to ignore the Recommended Dietary Allowance or RDA.

You may not know this: the majority of public health education comes from the marketing departments of Fortune 500 companies.

You see a 3-second commercial for a nutritional supplement indicating it has 100% of the RDA. The consumer says, “Great! I can get everything I need in this one pill! It says it has 100% of the RDA!”

The RDA guidelines are both right and extremely wrong.

What is RDA?

The RDA guidelines, created by the FDA, defines the RDA as “the daily intake level of a nutrient that is considered to be sufficient to meet the requirements of 97–98% of healthy individuals.” This is correct, however, the language here is extremely misleading because it uses “to meet the requirements” to cover up it’s true meaning.

What the RDA really means is the minimal daily intake level of a nutrient to relieve deficiency symptoms of that nutrient.

The RDA has NOTHING to do with optimal health.

This is why you see 100% RDA on vitamin packaging at Walmart or GNC, two large companies that sells nutritional supplements but knows nothing about health. If you look at supplements the professionals offer, you will see that the amount of nutrients are hundreds even thousands of times the RDA. This is because the professionals who highly educated in nutrition know that specific amounts of nutrients are needed to achieve OPTIMAL health for individuals.

Ask Yourself: How do I Know How Much Nutrients to Take?

The answer to this questions is…it depends.

Everyone has very different nutritional needs and different amounts are needed to reach optimal levels. The easiest and most effective way is to run a NutrEval test. This test gives a very detailed analysis (and recommendations) on everything from vitamins and minerals to proteins and Omega 3 needs.

True Health Labs not only offers this test to the public but also gives a one-on-one results review at no extra charge. Learn more

Remember, optimal nutritional needs are very different from the minimal RDA. A one-a-day pill does not cut it for most people. Optimal nutrition is key to slowing biological aging and truly preventing disease.

Have you taken this test, made specific changes and seen improvements in your health? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

Dr. Brady Hurst

Terror Plot Lurks at the Bottom of the Food Pyrimid October 30, 2009

Posted by Dr. Brady Hurst in Food.
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Where’s the Terrorist?!

If there were ever were to be a terror plot to effect all of society, it would be the recommended 6-11 servings of processed carbohydrates recommended on the USA’s Food Pyramid. If you asked a room full of doctors that were nutrition experts if they would recommend the food pyramid to their patients, you will most likely see zero hands go up. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Process grains are stripped of their husk, the shell that contains most of the nutrients. This is one of the reasons why the FDA recommended fortifying breads with vitamins and minerals.
  • The husk breaks down quickly at room temperature. This means bad news for grain company’s profits and even worse news for you…
  • The husk is dense which allows slow digestion of the carbohydrate center. Since almost all bread companies have removed the husk, the carbohydrates break down very fast. This fast break down causes blood sugar to spike upward. ‘So what’? you ask?. As blood sugar levels rise, insulin is released from the pancreas to shove that sugar into your cells for energy. The higher the sugar level, the higher the insulin levels. Like any hormone, when too much gets produced the body becomes resistant to it as a self-protective measure.
  • High insulin levels can lead to:
    • Diabetes
    • Metabolic Syndrome
    • Increase testosterone in women–> Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)–> greater insulin resistance–> increased testosterone… see the cycle (see blood tests for PCOS)?
    • In men- Increased conversion of testosterone into estrogen–>Erectile dysfunction, low libido, sperm mutation (infertility), depression, cardiovascular issues, insulin resistance, diabetes, prostate cancer (see the 10 most important blood tests for men)
    • Increased cholesterol production by the liver. If the cholesterol becomes oxidized (which it will for those on the SAD diet (Standard American Diet)) it will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and can create hormone problems (most hormones are made from cholesterol…see the new VAP cholesterol test).
    • Increased cortisol production. Prolonged cortisol exposure can shut down the immune system, further promote insulin resistance, break down muscle tissue, and promote cortical atrophy (death of brain cells, especially in the area of memory).
  • Most processed grains contain a protein called gluten. Gluten makes dough sticky if you will. Outside of breads, gluten is found in many other products like ketchup, ice-cream, salad dressing, toothpaste, and instant coffee (see entire list).
  • Since most people are constantly bombarded with gluten, their immune system may start to sift to an abnormal state and begin to overreact. Gluten is a major factor in Celiac Disease, Autism, autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, and many other conditions (see related tests for autoimmunity).

The good news is that not everyone is gluten sensitive. Since most food sensitivities and allergies are delayed reactions (e.g. if you ate the offending food on Monday, you may not show any signs/symptoms until Wednesday), it makes it hard to pinpoint the problem. IgG food allergy testing is used to identity these foods which then allows you to change your dietary habits and thus greatly lessen the massive burden of  food sensitivities. IgG food allergy testing is avaliable through out website. You may also contact our office for more information.

I hope this helped heighten your knowledge of true health. Feel free to follow me on Facebook where I post very helpful articles and health tips. You can also click on the “RSS Feed” button to get notified every time I post a new article. This site is packed full of useful information so make sure you share it. To paste one of my links in a health forum is simple and could help hundreds of people.

Dr. Brady Hurst
Clinic Director for:
True Health Center for Functional Medicine
TrueHelathLabs.com (Lab Tests Online)

Dr. Brady on Proper Weight Loss December 31, 2008

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Read below for more information and tips

  • Eating less is not the answer to weight loss. Eating less calories can slow overall metabolism and potentially shift the calories you do eat into fat. Eating more will speed your metabolism as long as it comes from good quality foods. If a power plant is not burning its coal then even if the train only brings one car of coal, it’s going to pile up (weight gain).
  • The goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle not to “go on a diet”. A diet may be used to aggressively break down barriers that keep you from losing weight but what most people want is to live a healthy life, not bounce from diet to diet. A diet is only a stepping stone.
  • The key is baby steps. Whenever there is a time gap between the present moment and the future, anxiety and frustration occur. The brain will try to adapt by thinking, “Let hurry up and get to our final goal because I don’t want to be anxious or frustrated anymore.” This is when you go from not working out or eating right to hitting the gym 6 times a week and eating saltine crackers= failure. Set a SHORT term future goals but don’t be consumed with it. Move on to your next goal WHEN you finish the previous one. Time gaps=frustration=failure. Do what you can NOW not tomorrow. Writing things down will help lessen the mental time gaps.
  • Modify the way you are doing things if you are losing more than 3lbs a week. More than that indicates water loss and that is your worst enemy when trying to lose fat weight.
  • Know that you may feel really bad during the initial phases. Toxins and hormones are stored in fat so when fat breaks down, the toxins/hormones will be released into the blood therefore effecting the rest of the body. Because of this, lab tests should be done to see how well your liver and kidneys can detoxify those toxins and hormones. Additional supplementation may be needed.
  • Supplements can be of extreme value when trying to lose weight. What type and dosages can be determined by simple blood and/or urine test.
  • Having a doctor to optimize weight loss and guide you is recommended. Too often people end up quitting and saying ” it didn’t work for me”. Don’t let that be you.
  • We have developed a TeleHealth Service designed to help people nationwide. Our use of advance laboratory testing helps identify any potential blockades that keeps you from losing weight and being healthy in every moment.
  • Below is a testimonial from one of my patients. Please remember to share these videos with others, that how the patient below received the care that “changed her life”.

I am doing fabulously well thanks in large measure to you. I continue to follow the diet you gave to me and exercising regularly (yoga) and I must say, I have never felt better. Actually not bad at all for a woman pushing 60! I will be scheduling an appointment at your clinic for myself in a few months.

You’re so good at what you do. I have to tell you that in all my years I have never been able to eat sensibly. Now it comes naturally to me. You have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for that.


Dr. Brady Hurst
Clinic Director for True Health